EMRTC Shock Tube
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EMRTC Shock Tube

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lic conveyer will carry the ore from the bins to the large crusher, from whence it will be elevated... the oversize of this going to the picking belt were boys and men will be employed to pick out the different classes of ore that is to go direct to the smelter. "The water for the mill will be pumped from the arroyo, which passes through Silver City and past the smelter... The little Silver City, Pinos Altos & Mogollon railroad hauled ore to this smelter, but only briefly. Comanche was absorbed by Savannah Copper Company which operated the plant for a short time. Even at first, Savannah was caught up in the dream that first captured the Hearst family, and later the Comanche Co. Savannah made some improvement at the plan,

and the smelter could allegedly handle between 250 and 300 tons or ore per day. Like Comanche, Savannah was also interested in buying ores from small mining operations. Again, the Independent - the weekly predecessor to the Daily Press - had this to say in 1908: "The main ore supply will be drawn from the company's mines, but custom ore will be purchased and fair and square treatment accorded the miner," it said. The whole operation - like the narrow-gauge railroad - never really panned out. The operation was idle for several years until 1913. Then, Romaine Fielding and the Lubin Motion Picture Company came to town, and the abandoned

EMRTC Shock Tube Experiments

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