Ordnance Testing
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Ordnance Testing

rand auditoriums

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s Vegas Amusement

Company, which built the Coronado Theatre, was descended from Bavarian Jews and heir to one of Las Vegas' most successful family mercantiles founded by Emmanuel Rosenwald in the 1870s. By the 1920s and 1930s, as many other New Mexico communities matured, their movie palaces embodied the architecture of the Southwest - Victorian and European decor had long come and gone. Pueb

lo architecture with Santa Fe Revival or Art Deco influences became popular, as demonstrated by the landmark Cactus Theatre in Carlsbad (destroyed by fire), Ocotillo Theatre in Artesia (transformed into a cafeteria) and Silver City's El Sol (1934), triumpha

ntly restored in 1997. Albuquerque's emerging status as the m