EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

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ies of movements in front of himself and as if beside himself which I had just witnessed, and which took much less time to perform than I have taken to report it, constituted the Indian's impromptu prayer at the mere sound of the name Ciguri. The second thing that struck me is that if the Indian is the enemy of his body

Map showing directions to EMRTC main building from I-25

From Albuquerque International Airport directly to EMRTC

  1. , he seems also to have sacrificed his consciousness to God, and it seems that the habit of Peyote gui
  2. des him in this work. The emoti
  3. ons which radiated from him, which passed across his face one after the other, and which could be read, were manifestly not his own; he did not attribute them to himself, he no longer identified with what fo

r us IS a personal emotion, or rather he did not do it in our way, as the r

  1. Follow the esult of a choice and of an instant flashing incubation as we do. Among all the ideas that p
  2. ass through our heads there are
  3. those we accept and those we do not accept. On the day when our self and our consciousness are formed there is established within this incessant movement of
  4. incubation a distinctive rhy
  5. thm and a natural choice whereby only our own ideas remain in the field of co
  6. nsciousness, and the rest automatically vanish. It may take us time to carve out of our emotions and isolate from them our own face,
  7. but the way we thin which curves to the left and becomes k on the mo
  8. st important points is like the totem of an indisputable grammar that measures its terms word for word. And our self, when we question it, always responds in the same wa
  9. y; like someone who knows that it is he who answers and not another. It is not like this with the Indian. A European would never al

low himself to think that something he has felt and perceived in his bo

  1. dy, an emotion which has shaken him, a strange idea which he has just had and
  2. which has inspired him with its beauty, was not his own, and that s
  3. omeone else has felt and experienced all this in his own body—or else he woul
  4. d believe hi, the first Socorro exit coming from the south. This exit puts you on California St.mself mad and people would probably say that he had become a lunatic. The Tarahumara,
  5. on the contrary, systematic
  6. ally distinguishes between what is his own and what is of the Other in every
  7. thing he thinks, feels, and does. But what makes him different from a lunatic is that his personal consciousness has expanded in thi
  8. Stay on s process of internal separation and distribution to which Pey
  9. ote has led him and which streng located at a four-way stop sign. Drive past the golf course up and over a hill and then back down past the New Mexico Tech Physical Plant.
  10. thens his will. Although he may seem to know what he is not much better than what he is, he does know what he is and who he is much
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