EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

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d. After 38 years of trying, it felt pretty damn good. THE WRAP WITHOUT BOW KNOTS In a recent interview I had with ex-Gov. Cargo, he said that a few years back, with the help of others from the film office, they had figured that the state had benefited by more than one-and-a-half billion dollars from America's first S

Map showing directions to EMRTC main building from I-25

tate Film Commission started 30 years ago. He said he ha

  1. d just read in the New York Times where Mayor Giuliani was throwing enormous resources into luring eve
  2. Drive south on n more films to N
  3. ew York City. He wonders at the hesitation of those in power spending fortunes on advertising and courting big business to the state when proportionately the film industry tops them all by far. I might add

that all told, movies are cleaner, leaving hardly a trace behind after the

  1. wrap. They leave only the money and career advancements here and give enormous free advertising around
  2. the world. They also give exci
  3. tement and fun for decades, some probably as long as there California St.is an operating world. They do not take up huge parts of our precious, rapidly disapp
  4. earing landscape nor use up
  5. and pollute our aquifers. We were first. We were right. The proof is in the
  6. Pass through two intersections with four-way stop signs (El Camino Real and Leroy Place) before entering the New Mexico Tech campus.
  7. rest of America copying our methods of luring filmmakers. New Mexic
  8. o is a filmmaker's dream place. With just a little reasoning, our statewide landscape as majestically varied as our people will keep the cameras rolling across New Mexic
  9. o from now on. ACTION! PRINT! Max Evans played an instrumental role in establishing what is now the New Mexico Film Office. His b

ook The Rounders was adapted into a movie starring Glenn Ford and Henry

  1. Fonda, while Woody Harrelson, Patricia Arquette, Billy Crudup and Penelope C.
  2. ruz appear in a new film version The Hi Lo Country. Evans also wrot
  3. e the acclaimed Bluefeather Fellini duo about a Native American hero bearing
  4. the namesake of the famous Italian director. His longtime association with Sam PCalifornia St.eckinpah landed him a small role in The Ballad of Cable Hogue. Evans subsequently pre
  5. sented his observations of t
  6. he maverick filmmaker in Sam Peckinpah: Master of Violence. Before turning
  7. to writing, Evans dug into many trades, mostly in the Taos vicinity, working as a cowboy, prospector, painter and oil explorer. In t
  8. Stay on he spring of1998,'the Santa Fe Film Critics Circle gave him it
  9. s coveted Golden Chile Award for lifetime achievement. New Mexico's reputation as a wild and remote place has forever endeared it to independent filmmakers. Along with Ar
  10. izona, New Mexico was the last of the Lower 48 states to enter the Union. In point of fact, as well as in the collective imagination
. New Mexico came to represent the /final frontier, a sanctua