EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

Directions to EMRTC

Below you will find directions on how to reach the EMRTC complex in Socorro, New Mexico. When you arrive, please report to the Visitor Control Stationnges are computer-equipped for data compilation/correlation. Four fixed temperature conditioning units are available for conditioning cartridges from -46 degrees centigrade

Map showing directions to EMRTC main building from I-25

to +63 degrees centigrade. One of EMRTC's significant s

  1. trengths iSunport Blvd.s its existing inventory of gun systems and its ability to modify these systems
  2. Drive south on to meet experime
  3. ntal ballistic requirements. Various standard US Army and US Navy gun systems from a 5.56 NATO to an 8 inch howitzer are located on site. EMRTChas also designed and modified a large range of gun systems that

are used to fire specialized and prototype projectiles and fragments at mo

  1. re than 2 km/s (6,500 f/s). Gun Ranges 3000 meter gun range 1200 meter gun range 1000 meter gun range
  2. Gun Systems Two-stage light gas
  3. gun Single-stage light gas gun Large-Scale Facilities EMRTC has several Large-Scale facilities that allow our clients the flexibility to conduct tests on la
  4. rger scales in a safe and co
  5. ntrolled manner. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the test
  6. sites and facilities available and their capabilities. Test Sites West Valley High Performance Magazine (HPM) West Valley Pad Larg
  7. e explosive weight e which curves to the left and becomes xperiments
  8. and experiments requiring large recovery pads are conducted at the West Valley Pad. This area is approved for net explosive weight testing up to 2,275 kg (5,000 lbs). It
  9. features a 300 m x 600 m (1,000 ft x 2,000 ft.) flat, oval pad that can be graded and compacted to accommodate instrumentation. Th

e West Valley Pad is useful for recovery of warhead fragments or debris

  1. . The West Valley Pad has been used extensively in our Counter-terrorist Explo
  2. sives Research Program. West Valley is regularly used for TNT equi.
  3. valency testing, quantity-distance evaluations, and industrial interline dist
  4. ance evaluat, the first Socorro exit coming from the south. This exit puts you on ions. Other programs have included gunfire testing, destructive testing of models, fragment debris
  5. distribution studies, tactic
  6. al rocket firings, and tactical vehicle tests. The area is sheltered within
  7. canyons that confine test hazards and blast effects; and it provides considerable security from unauthorized entry or observation of
  8. tests. High Performance Magazine(HPM) Facility The High Olive Lane.
  9. Performance Magazine site was originally constructed for a hazardous debris test of an explosive storage magazine. Other tests have included NATO testing of one-quarter-s
  10. At the bottom of the hill turn right. Drive north for about a half mile toward the EMRTC complex which will be visible to your left.
cale aircraft shelters and scaled structure experiments requi