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for not even god, least of all god, can take that part of the self which is authentically one's own, however foolishly it may be abandoned. It was on a Sunday morning that the old Indian chief awakened my consciousness with

a prick of the sword between the spleen and the heart. "Have confidence, he said to me, "have no fear, I will do you no harm, and he quickly retreated three or four steps and, after describing a circle in the air behind him with his sword, rushed forward and leaped at me with all his strength, as if he meant to destroy me. But the point of his sword barely grazed my skin and drew only

a tiny drop of blood. I felt no pain whatsoever, but I did have the impression of awakening to something for which until then I had been ill endowed and ill prepared, and I felt filled with a light which I had never before possessed. It was a few days later that one morning at dawn I entered into relation with the priests of Tutuguri and two days after that that I finally m

ade contact with Ciguri. "To sew you back together in your wholeness, without God who assimilates you and creates you, as if you were creating yourself, and as you yourself create yourself out of Nothingness and in spite of Him at every moment." These are the very words of the Indian chief and I am merely reporting them, not

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as he said them to me, but as I have reconstructed them unde