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EMRTC Office Complex

Accessibility and Web Standards

The ers: "Vultures May Kill State Film Industry." One of my quotes was: "It is unfortunate that the vultures want to start picking the bones when the ’s Web Accessibility Initiative (industry is such a baby, and before there

is enough for everybody to share in the profits." Upon my return from Tinselland, a fast plan was put into action. Gov. Cargo -- who was having considerable other state problems to contend with - was having a meeting of business leaders at the old Western Skies Hotel on far east Central of Albuquerque. Ralph Looney, Dick Schrondahl and myself rented a room there and asked the governor

At if he would meet us an hour early for a brief conference on the film situation. He agreed. It was put to him that the ego of power, and possibly greed, in the film office was jeopardizing this profitable state industry. We would not be able to contain the destructive news much longer. It had to be stopped now. Again, Cargo agreed. The proper firings took place the next da

y. P.R. man Charles Cullen temporarily took over the film office and author Ruth Armstrong was appointed head of the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce film department to cooperate with and eventually head the state office. The day, the night, the decade and more were saved. In spite of an webmaster at almost sheepish, certain

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ly narrow-minded, proportionate support from the powers of ap