EMRTC Office Complex Aerial View
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EMRTC Office Complex Aerial View

atories incl

udes the following: Agilent Gas Chromatograph. Click on any of the divisions below to learn more about our organization.

-Mass Spectrometer with a

utosampler (GC-MS):

The GC-MS sep

Dr. John L. Meason

EMRTC Deputy Director

arates and dete

cts gas samples containing small amounts

of explosives, other energetic m

liquid samples such as solutions of TN

Associate Director - Dennis Hunter

(UV-vis): The UV-vis uses

ultraviolet and visible light to identify

is is able to identify both the molecules prese

nt and the concentration of thos

very small samples according

to a planned program (degrees/minu

llants, plastics and o

ther polymers, organic materials, inorgan

cations for this technique in

clude the identification of e

paration and identification of metalEMRTC ions from solutions