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ERN MEXICO, forty-eigh

t hours from Mexico City, there is a race
of pu re red Indians called the Tarahumara. Forty thousand people
are living there

in a style that predates the Flood. They are a challenge to this world in which people talk so much about progress only because they despair of progressing. This race, which ought to be physically degenerate, has for four hundred years resisted every force that has

come to attack it: civilization, interbreeding, war, winter, animals, storms, and the forest. The Tarahumara live naked in the winter in mountains that are made impassable by snow, in defiance of all medical theories. Communism exists among them in a feeling of spontaneous solidarity. Incredible as it may seem, the Tarahumara Indians live if they were already dead. They do not see reality and they draw magical powers from the contempt they have for civilization. Sometimes they come to the cities, impelled by I know not what desire to

move, to see, as they say, how it is with those who are mistaken. For t

It has, as we know, the sh

these sorcerers are recruited. One day, an Indian will feel called to handle the rasp. He goes to a sacred hiding place in the mountains, where for thousands of years there has lain an incredible collection of rasps which other sorcerers have buried. They are made of wood, the wood of warm soil, it is said. The Tarahumara will spend three years living on this plantation of rasps and, at the end of the third year, he returns—the possessor of the es

sential rite. Such is the life of this strange people over whom no civilization will ever gain control. To visit the Tarahumara is to enter a world which is incredibly anachronistic and exists in defiance of this age. As far as I am concerne

d, this is so much the worse for thiEMRTCs age. So it is that