Chemistry Laboratories
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Chemistry Laboratories

ned to a man with glas

ses on his immediate left, who was studyi
ng pap ers on a clipboard. "Cost wise, can we do this?" "If we
drop the rodeo sce

nes completely, we can." "I've got world-class champions signed on to this film, expecting to showcase their talents," Johnny said. "Maybe they still can," Kerney said. All eyes turned toward Kerney. "Who are you?" the tall man asked. "Kevin Kerney. I'm one

of your technical advisors." "Kerney's here for the cop stuff," Johnny said, looking flustered. "Not rodeoing." "Let Chief Kerney talk," the tall man said, waving Kerney toward an empty chair. "I'm Malcolm Usher, the director." Kerney sat at the table and nodded a hello to all before turning his attention to Usher. "It seems to me, you can show off their rodeo talents through some good old-fashioned cowboying. They can rope cows and cops, do some bulldogging and bronco riding, and cut out stock so that it's a combined rodeo, br

awl, and police bust." All the people at the table, including Johnny,w

belt and flipped it open.

t gettin Chemistry Laboratories work closely with the other divisions of g his way. It was a good two hours be, fore dinner. He decided to drive to the smelter to take a look at the place that had inspired Malcolm Usher to change the script. Besides, he wanted to see the Star of the North that Officer Sapian had told him about. The paved road from Playas to the copper smelter paralleled a railroad spur that connected with the main train line

east of Lordsburg, a windblown desert town on Interstate 10 that served as the seat of government for Hidalgo County. The valley widened a bit as Kerney headed south, deep into the Bootheel. To the west the Animas Mountains cut a broad,

foreboding swath against the sky. /To the east the Little Ha