Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center
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Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center

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in shadow trenches worked out for this purpose on both sides of the kiva. These three timbers formedNew Mexico Tech the under structure of the roof. When they were placed exactly like the Indian wanted them, pointed rocks were driven into the ground around the ends and the open spaces were packed with adobe so that these huge round logs would

not roll. They placed much smaller tNew Mexico Techimbers of pine across the huge vigas. These were not so difficult to cut and they were laid about three feet apart. From down-timbers of pine, pifion, Cottonwood or any other type of fallen trees they hacked and ripped long , New Mexico. The field laboratory contains more than 30 test sites, gun ranges, other research facilities and storage areas, allowing for a complete spectrum of research and testing activities. narrow sections for the next roof course. The splittings were transported in bun

Current Activities

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