Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center
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Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center

looked around. On the bladed, packed dirt surface he c

oulhe nose and see fresh tire impressions from t

d main landing gear of a light

aircraft. Multiple sets of foot prints led him to the spot where the vehicle had been parked, suggesting several trips had been made back and forth to load cargo. Although he wasn't certain, Kerney didn't think the landing strip was on the Jordan ranch. He walked around the strip in a wide circle and found a matted dirt road that showed no si

gns of recent traffic and cut east across the valley toward a windmill. He went back to the truck and drove along it until he came to a locked gate that barred his passa 40-square-mile field laboratory is located in the mountains adjacent to the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorroge. He climbed over it and read the posted sign attached to the other side of the railing. The landing strip was on the Sentinel Butte Ranch. Kerney had seen enough. He checked his watch. If he hurried along, he could still make the drive to Virden, snoop around for a

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of the ranch. "I've never seen deEMRTCsert grassland look