Department of Homeland Security First Responder Training
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Department of Homeland Security First Responder Training

apashi, "pueblo of the Stone Lions," and at Haatze, "House
Department of Homeland Security

of the Earth People."These were communal apartment houses also but the Keres population on the Pa ¥1 J EMRTC jarito probably was not as great as that of the Tew^ili those days. Nobody but Keres lived here to the south will continue to provide training to our nation's First Responders to help them effectively respond to events involving explosives.

of Tyuonyi. B

ut certainly some groups held on at.Tyuonyi. W
ho can say what happened half a millenium ago? Likely, the Tewas in Frijoles were few. They could have been outnumbered by the Keres

l. Warriors were called into action and could have streaked o
ut over age-old trails. Hideous looking creatures with flying black hair, bow and arrow and war club in hand, went whooping and yelling to the Tyuonyi and entered the Can- half a dozen places over

the sarrie water. This was the last of th6 Keres They coul
d not hold their own because they were outnumbered and-out-fought by "the Little strong people." They were driven off and the Valley of the Frijoles was Tewa from

th their kin at the pueblo of the Stone Lions. Whether they ever we
nt back to Tyuonyi" and attempted another stand against "the litde strong people" is not known. It has been legendarily hinted that a race of "dwarfs" again attacked them at the pueblo of the Stone Lions, slaughtering many and driving off therest. But we know of no race of "dwarfs" in the Southwest during*either prehistoric or historic times. The poor Keres! They were beaten at every turn. Bu

t they knew it and mpv

ed on, occupying first one place and then another, moving in f
or kwhile with other kin and kind. The farther away from Tyuonyi,-the better! Haatze, or "House of the Earth People" was their next stop but not for long. They lived here with theif kind and 30 N TYUONYI then moved on, down to the village of Cuapa only to be attacked again by "the little strong people." Great numbers were slaughtered, so the legends go, and the remainder driven off and pursued almost to the present town of Santo Domingo. Legend has it that one "group went off by themselves and formed the pueblos of Cochiti and Santo Domingo. Another group, it is said, climbed up a high rock and ~ took refuge there from their attackers. The rock is known as the "Potrero Viejo" and here they built a village. One S

an Felipe legend tells u

s this: nearly all the

people at Cuapa were slain, except a woman with a parrot who hidWeapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in a metate and a boy who hid in a store-room. These two moved to the Tiwa-speaking village of Sandia and got a cold reception so th

ey went east to live wiSPOCt

h the Tanos, where t

he woman gave birth to five children. Things were made so miserable for them here that they left and moved to the Rio Grande and eventually went to San Feli

CHAPTER IV Building in the ^eat Period Time has a

National Domestic Preparedness Council peculiar way of curing all ills. The Keres had been driven from the Tyuonyi by the "little strong people" and possibly did not make further attempt to re occupy this Valley of the Frijoles. They were contented to stay in the broad Valley of the Rio Grande where the water supply was constant and where their enemies did not care to go. The boundaryline w

asset. And even the hostileTewas had probably experienced enough of war and trouble. Tyuonyi, the Hidden Valley, might h

Tewas did not have to depend upon waters from the heavens to make their corn grow? And who can say that t

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