Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks (ILERSBA) Course
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Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks (ILERSBA) Course

e graduated, on the power of his genius, to master of the medium. Later, with The Birth

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of a Nation (19
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m." A casting office could not have come up with better material for the first great movie director: tall, patrician, impeccably dressed, megaphone in hand, he was the model for future directors, and their inspiration. Griffith and the Biograph troupe, 45 strong, had spent the winter months of 1911-1912 in Los Angeles churning out featurettes. At the end of May they boarded the train to return to N

ew York and sto

pped in Albuquerque to take in the local scene -- and make a picture. As it turned out, they completed two films during their weeklong stay in New Mexico. One was a full-length dramatic love story, the other a short comedy. Like the Edison Company filmmaker before him, D.W. Griffith went directly to the Isleta Pueblo to make a Romeo and Juliet tale about a Hopi maiden and her Pueblo boyfriend. A Pueb

lo Legend (

1912), 20 minut

es in length, is typical of Griffith's work at that time: brisk, theatrical, touching, filled with a

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battle scenes

between warring Indian tribes prompted the local paper to report that "the picture taken in the hills . . . was one of considerable magnitude, and if it doesn't send chills and thrills t

Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills, and Abilitieshrough the effete East, it will . . . not be because of any d

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orld's highest-paid film arti

ered some of the finest scenic opportunities

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