Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks (ILERSBA) Course
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Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks (ILERSBA) Course

control lightning. Lightning no longer terrifies the city dweller, who no longer craves

Course Overview
a benign storm
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straight to the ground by a lightning conductor. Scientific explanation has disposed of mythological causation. We know that the serpent is an animal that must succumb, if humanity wills it to. The replacement of mythological causation by the technological removes the fears felt by primitive humanity. Whether this liberation from the mythological world view is of genuine help in providing adequate

answers to the

enigmas of existence is quite another matter. The American government, like the Catholic Church before it, has brought modern schooling to the Indians with remarkable energy. Its intellectual optimism has resulted in the fact that the Indian children go to school in comely suits and pinafores and no longer believe in pagan demons. That also applies to the majority of educational goals. It may well d

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ess. But I woul

Law enforcement officers assigned to patrol duties, their immediate supervisors, and administrators.

d be loath

to assert tha

t it does justice to the Indians who think in images and to their, let us say, mythologically anchored souls. I once invited the children of such a school to illustrate the German fairy

tale of "Johnny-Head-in-the-Air" (Hans-Guck-in-die-Luft), which they did not know, because a storm is refe

ically. But

two of them depicted indeed

our heads perched upwards in recollection of

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