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EMRTC Office Complex

y conquest-violence that

the ordinances theoretically prohibit: Our provisions were exhausted fifty leagues before we reached the first settlements. We were in such extreme need that the governor [sent] men ahead to the first pueblos with eighty pack animals to bring maize . . . although it was against the wishes of the natives and to their

great grief . . . Because of this and other annoyances, the Indians fear us so much that, on seeing us approach ... they flee to the mountains, abandoning their homes, and so we take whatever we wish from them. (DJO 609-10) Note that Onate himself, arriving well after his men,

does not "conquer"; following the wanton pillage and brutal "annoyances" of his soldiers, he instead "invites" the terrorized Indians to appreciate the Christian

t and to enact his own authority. The Spa All Rights Reserved.