EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

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uld you mind if 1 took a look around on my own?" Kerney asked. "Not at all," Joe said. He paused to watch as the men cut a section of the wire fencing and began attaching it with brads to the post-and-beam corral. "Make yourself at home. Just remember to close the pasture gates behind you." After Joe and Bessie

left, the day hands took a break, hunkering down to smoke cigarettes and drink some water. The welcome coolness of the cloudy morning had given way to a blistering sun, which felt uncomfortable in the humid air left behind by the rainsquall. Kerney talked with the men fo

r a time, and once they learned that he ranched on a small place up in Santa Fe County and had known the Jordan family all his life, they loosened up noticeably

he upper body of a weight lifter and carried a few extra pou