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rom the Great Mother

with the ontological corollary of a world of matter replicated in layered spirit worlds. Chapin observes that the world of spirit, underlying that of matter, "extends out in all directions through a series of eight levels labeled 'level one,' 'level two,' and so

on." (77) Yet these levels are strangely unrepresentable. His (cosmologically informed) specialist informants could not represent them. At least they couldn't draw them. And Chapin expresses irritation with Nordenskiold's text for not only presenting just such a drawing, but for having sixteen instead of eight levels. There is something a little comical about

EMRTCthis, a cosmic-level problem, a problem of the precise nature, ana

So if there is a problem for mimesis and alterity at the level of levels, there is also a problem, but quite a different one, in the ne

xt stage of presentation of the cosmos. W

e are also told (78) that "as conceived by the Kuna" there are three general areas where the spirits live-mountain strongholds, whirlpools, and clouds. This seems to me quite a different sense of spiritual geography than the levels, yet in its way it is even stranger because the sites exist bewilderingly as both fantastic and actual. They are physical

sites, close at hand, with none of the splendid symmetry of axial sculpture of the multiple-layered cosmos like so many flapjacks piled one on the other. While

some one-to-one modeling is observedEMRTC-the spirit-doubles