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w Mexico, 1898,

was Indian Day School. It was shot south of Albuquerque at the Isleta Pueblo by the Edison Company. From 1911 through 1930 there were 30 films shot in New Mexico. Most of them were done at Silver City or Las Vegas. Tom Mix was involved in m

ore th

The mission of an 20 of these. Billy the Kid, directed by King Vidor, led off the 1930s. It starred Johnny Mack Brown and Wallace Beery. Over 100 Western films were shot through the decades -- far too many to list in this space. Among the special Westerns filmed in New M

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o was Cowboy, directed by Delmar Daves in 1958 (he loved New Mexico's locations) starring Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon. In 1965 another big Western, The Hallelujah Trail, starring Burt Lancaster, Brian Keith and other big names, was filmed in Gallup. Key parts of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid were done at Chama and Kristofferson saw action in Clint Eastwood's Hang 'Em High. The year

1970 saw 11 films, most major, shot

in N

ew Mexico. Two of these: The Cheyenne Social Club -- James Stewart and Henry Fonda -- and Chisum -- John Wayne and Ben Johnson - were filmed at the Eaves Ranch. The movie bonanza continued in 1971. More than a dozen films were done here that year. Included among them was Peter Fonda's underrated The Hired Hand. The number increased to 14 in 1972. From 1973 till the end of the decade, 51 films were shot all over New Mexico. A few were for television dramas and a couple were pilots for TV series. Th

ere were some pretty good Westerns. B


The Bullet with Gene Hackman, James Cobum, et al; My Name Is Nobody - Henry Fonda and Terence Hill; Showdown - Dean Martin and Rock Hudson, directed by George Stevens; and Casey's Shadow (highly underrated) with Waher Matthau directed by Martin Ritt. Then there were a couple

of noble failures: Sam Peckinpah's


The Border Security Center for Research, Education, Training and Technical Assistance (BORSEC) has a mission to partner with state & local organizations in NM and neighboring states to obtain supplemental funding to counter border violence. To stimulate and conduct research, education, training, and technical assistance to counter border violence and protect the rights and safety of all people in New Mexico.

driver Western Convoy and Butch and Su

ndance: The Early DaNew Mexico Techys with Tom Berenger and B