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EMRTC Affiliates

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ct a religious service and prayer for peace. Similar visits were made annually in recent years on the first Saturday in October. In 1967 the inner oblong fence was addedEMRTC.EMRTC In 1972 the corridor barbed wire fence which connects

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ter fence to the inner one was completed. Jumbo was moved to the parking lot in 1979. Trinity Site open houses are now conducted in April and October because it is generally very hot on the Jomada del Muerto in July. (White Sands Missile Range) White Sands Miss

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Range has developed from a simple desert testing site for the V-2 into one of the most sophisticated test facilities in the world. The mission of White Sands Missile Range begins with a customer -a service developer, or another federal agency, which is ready to find out if engineers and scientists have built something which will perform according to job specifications. It ends

when an exhaustive series of tests


been completed and a data report has been delivered to the customer. Between the beginning and the end of the test program, be it the Army Tactical Missile System or newly designed automobiles, range employees are involved in every operation connected with the customer and his product. The range can and does provide everything from rat traps to telephones, from equipment hoists and flight safety to microsecond timing. We shake, rattle and roll the product, roast it, freeze it, subject i

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ater and roll it in the mud. We test its paint, bend its frame and find out what effect its propulsion material has on flora and fauna. In the end, if it's a missile, we fire it, record its performance and bring back the pieces for postmortem examination. All test dat

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es a full report. For more information on White Sands Missile Range or Trinity Site contact: Public Affairs Office (WS-PA) White Sands Missile Range, N.M. 88002-5047 Phone# is (575) 678-1134 Visit the Public Affairs web pages for the most up-to-date official information about Trinity Site or the missile range at: www.wsmr.army.mil Use the links to get to the Public Affairs homepage where you

will find a table of contents. This

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