EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

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re dashed since the whole operation was going to be sold and once
again put into productions. The sale took place anyway, and Coman

che Mining Smelting Co.
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tion works were build on a larger scale. In 1906, the newspaper had this to say: "The big red building in which this ponderous machinery is housed is 72 feet high and is by far the most imposing structure in theses parts, being 63 feet in width and 122 feet long. "A metallic conveyer will carry the ore from the bins to the large crusher, from whewebmaster@emrtc.nmt.edunce it will

be elevated... the oversize of this going to the picking belt were boys and men will be employed to pick out the different classes of oclick herer

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melter. "The water for t

he mill will be pumped from the arroyo

, which passes through Silver City a

nd past the smelter...

The little Silver City, Pinos Altos &

Mogollon railroad hauled ore

to this smelter, but only br

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was absorbed by
Savannah Co

pper Company which operated the plant for a short ti


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earst family, and later the Comanche Co. Savannah made some