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ressed altogether differently

. They are wearing Western-style long pants, white shirts, ties,
and felt hats-the standard attire then and now for a well-dressed C

una man. When Marsh fir
st reached the S

an Bias coast

and met Chief Ina Pagina, the latter was wearing a white shirt and trousers. Others state that Cuna men were wearing pants and shirts from "Viaorian times."" The French naval official Armando Reclus, who visited some Cunas along the Paya River in the late 1870s, said that almost all the men wore trousers and a cotton shirt of U.S. make, and elaborated at some length that the visito

r who expected in the midst of these wilds to encounter Indians in feathers, as they were at the time of the European Conquest of the Amclick heree


, woul

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le disenchantment. Was th

is get-up in European trousers and shi

rt (perhaps with tie) Mr. Marsh's di

sguise, crouching in h

is war canoe mimicking an Indian mimicking a

white man? Or was he perhaps

dressed in drag, not mimicki

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en but the wome
n-the overwh

elmingly dominant referent of "Indian dress"-instead


? We shall never know. All we know is that

finally, for two glor
ious moments, m
imesis and alteri

ty melted into each other in the attack "led" by Mr. Marsh on