EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

vities. EMRTC has the ability

to conduct tests involving over 20,000 pounds of explosives. Cli
ck below to learn more Specialized Facilities Large Scale Facilitie

Front Desk:s Torres Lab
Complex Machine

Shop Chemist

ry Laboratories Ordnance Preparation Facility Specialized Facilities EMRTC has many specialized facilities that can meet a variety of needs for our clients. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the test sites and facilities available and their capabilities. Test Sites Main Pad Sled Track Big Eagle Firing Site Little Eagle Firing Site Countermine Test Site. Thank you.

Note: All fields are required.(CTS) Shock Tube Gun Ranges 3000 Meter Gun Range 1200 Meter Gun Range 1000 Meter Gun Range Main Pad Test Facility Th

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n Pad

Test Facility can ac

commodate experiments inv

olving up to 500 pound explosive weigh

ts and gun-fired projectiles at rang

es up to 100 meters. T

he area has been used for vertical firings of

Program Development Division

guns or fire fragments again


st a var

iety of targets
. Big Eagle

Firing Site Facility The Big Eagle Firing Site Faci


lity can accommodate firings of up to 200 k

ilograms (450 pounds)
. Big Eagle con
tains a buried bu

nker that allows data collection equipment, such as high-spee