EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

a question mark which symbol

izes the unknown results and the secrecy surrounding the project
. The lightning bolt extends down to split a yellow atom, which re

presents atomic fission
and the expecte

d success of

the test. A red and blue star in the center of the question mark is the insignia for the Army Service Forces to which soldiers working on the Manhattan Project were assigned. Trinity Site July 16, 1945 "The effects could well be called unprecedented, magnificent, beautiful, stupendous, and terrifying. No man-made phenomenon of such tremendous power had ever occurred be

fore. The lighting effects beggared description. The whole country was lighted by a searing light with the intensity many times that of the midda

y sun

." B

rig. Gen. Thomas Far

rell A national histori

c landmark on White Sands Missile Rang

e--www.wsmr.army.rnil Radiation Ba

sics Radiation come

s from the nucleus of individual atoms. Simp

Program Development Division

le atoms like oxygen are ver

y stable

. Its nu

cleus has eight
protons an

d eight neutrons and holds together well. The nucle


us of a complex atom like uranium is not a

New Mexico Tech/s sta
801 Leroy Place
ble. Uranium has

92 protons and 146 neutrons in its core. These unstable ato