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iness to reawaken them in the

mind of your human existence. The mind of man is tired of God, b
ecause it is bad and sick, and it is up to us to make it hungry for

Him. But as you see, T
ime itself refus

es us the mea

ns. You will be shown tomorrow what we still can do. And if you wish to work with us, perhaps with the aid of the Good Will of a man who has come from the other side of the sea and who is not of our Race, we shall succeed in breaking down One more barrier." CIGURI is a name which Indian ears do not like to hear pronounced. I had with me a mestizo guide who also acted as my interpret

er with the Tarahumara, and he had warned me to mention it to them only with respect and caution because, he told me, they are afraid of it. But I


ved th

at if there is any e

motion that is alien to t

hem in this connection it is fear, and

that, on the contrary, the word awa

kens in them that sens

e of the sacred which European consciousness

has lost, and this is the ro

ot of all our misfortunes, fo

r here p

eople no

longer respect
anything. A

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nd the series of attitudes the young Indian

assumed before my ey
es when I utter
ed the word CIGUR

I taught me many thiNew Mexico Techngs about the potentialiti