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ent his career question

ing motives, digging into dirty little secrets, unraveling crimes, probing for knowledge, and holding people accountable for their wrongdoings. Would he ever be able to step aside from the in grained reflex he had to want to set everything right? He wasn't sure it would be easy, but he would damn WMDsure try. EMRTC'sAlthough, so far, he had to admit to himself that he wasn't doing a very good job of letting go. All in all Johnny Jordan was pleased with how the scouting trip had gone

. Usher loved the rodeo grounds location in Duncan, and

they had worked out a sequence of shots based on the new material from the Hollywood screenwriter that gave Johnny's clients more lines and time in front of the cameras. Besides that, the new scenes strengthened the back story conflict between the rodeo cowboy and his father and, as Usher put it, contrasted the hard-living hedonism of the son with the rock-solid decen

cy of the father. Usher

likened it to the clash between Paul Newman and Melvin Douglas

in Hud. Johnny also thought the brawl sequences between the cops and cowboys during the stampede at the smelter would be outstanding. About the only thing he didn't like was Usher's decision to cut some of the locations from the cattle drive. After return

ing from Duncan, Johnny t

ried to get Usher to restore the cattle-drive scenes, but his