EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel
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EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel

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ical miracle of this kind occur at least once a day. I may have been born with a tormented body—as much a fake as the immense mountain, but a body whose obsessions are useful—and I noticed in the mountain that it is useful to have the obsession of counting. There was not a shadow that I did not count, wheEMRTCn I felt it creep around somethi

The course has been structured to provide basic knowledge for scientist, engineers, and operating personnel in basic explosive chemistry, safety procedures, and testing of energetic materials. This includes training for explosives laboratory personnel in the proper methods for testing explosives.

ng; and it was often by adding up shadows that I found my way back to strange centers. I saw in the mountain a naked man leaning out of a large window. His head was nothing but a huge hole, a kind of circular cavity in which the sun and moon appeared by turns, according to the time of day. His right arm was stretched out like a bar but drowned in shadows and bent backward. You could count his ribs, which numbered seven on each side. In place of the navel glittered a shiny triangle, made of what? I could not possibly say. As if Nature had chosen this pi

Principal Instructors

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by a girdle of rocks. And I saw that the rocks all had the shape of a woman's bosom with two perfectly delineated breasts. I saw repeated eight times the same rock which projected two shadows on the ground; I saw twice the same animal's head carrying in its jaws its effigy which it devoured; I saw, dominating the village, a

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