DOT/UN Testing and Classification
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DOT/UN Testing and Classification

ices makes these dances fundamentally different from the war dances of the nomadi

c Indians, the P Marvin Banks
ueblos ' worst enemies, we must n
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ir origin and inner tendency, dances of plunder and sacrifice. When the hunter or tiller of the soil masks himself, transforms himself into an imitation of his booty-be that aniI7 mal or corn-he believes that through mysterious, mimic transformation he will be able to. procure in advance what he coterminously strives to achieve through his examines packaged and unpackaged articles, propellants and substances.

sober, vigilant work as tillerUN/DOT observer and hunter. The dances are expressions of applied magic. The social provision of food is schizoid: magic and technology work together. The synchrony [Nebeneinander] of logical civilization and fantastic, magical causation. shows the Pueblo Indians' peculiar condition of hybridity

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