DOT/UN Testing and Classification
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DOT/UN Testing and Classification

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heir , as an approved traders. All changed, however, in 1903 with United States President Theodore Roosevelt's orchestration of the secession from the Republic of Colombia by the province of Panama, followed by U.S. construction, some 50 miles from the Cuna, of the "greatest engineering feat in the history of the world," the Panama CanaEMRTCl, one year later. Now the governing circles of the fledgling nation-s

tate of Panama, in certain respects an "imagined community" of the U.S. and certainly its de facto colony, began to play out their love-hate relationship with the colossus of the north on a Cuna theater, enacting on the Indians what had been enacted on Panamanians-aping hideous little reconstructions of civilization UNversus

savagery dramas on the frontier and vigorously attempting to