Non-Ideal Explosive Testing
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Non-Ideal Explosive Testing

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y I shall command you to leave when Ciguri himself will be free, but," he said suddenly, weeping, 'you must not leave altogether. It was Ciguri, after all, who made you and many times you have provided me with a refuge from the storm, for Ciguri would die if he did not have me." The second thing I observed in the middle of this prayer —for this series of movements in front of himself and as if beside himself which I had just witnessed, and which took much less time to perform than I have taken to report it, constituted the Indian's impromptu prayer at the mere sound of the name Ciguri. The second thing that struck me is that if the Indian is the enemy of his body, he seems also to have sacrificed his consciousness to God, and i

t seems that the habit of Peyote guides him in this work. The