EMRTC SODAR /RASS Sounding System
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EMRTC SODAR /RASS Sounding System

EMRTC SODAR /RASS Sounding System

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hat is of the Other in everyth
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ls, and does. But what makes him different from a lunatic is that his personal consciousness has expanded in this process of internal separation and distribution to which Peyote has led him and which strengthens his will. Although he may seem to know what he is noRASSt much bettRASSer than what he is, he does know what he is and who he is much better than we know what we are and what we want. "There is," he said, "in every man an ancient reflection of God in which we can still contemplate the image of that infinite force which one day flung us into a soul and this soul into a body, and it is to the image of this Force that Peyote has led us because Ciguri calls us back to him." What I observed of this Indian who h

ad not taken Peyote for a long time, but was one of the adepts of its Rites— for the Rite of Ciguri is the summit of the religion of the Tarahumara—instilled in me the greatest desire to see all these Rites myself and to obtain permission to participate in them. That was the difficult part. The friendliness shown me by this young Tarahumara who was not afraid to start praying a few feet away from me was already a guarantee that certain doors would be opened. Moreover, what he had said about the help that was expected from me made me think that my admission to the Rites of Ciguri depended partly on what I could do to overcome the resistance the Tarahumara were encountering from the mestizo government of Mexico to the obse

rvance of their Rites. Although mestizo, this government is pro-Indian because those who hold office have more red blood than white. But the distribution is not proportionate, and government representatives in the mountains are almost wholly of mixed blood. And they regard the beliefs of the Old Mexicans as dangerous. The present government of Mexico has founded native schools in the mountains where Indian children are given an instruction patterned after that of French elemen

tary schools, and the head of the Department of Public Education of Mexico, from whom the French ambassador had obtained a permit for me, gave me lodgings in the native school of the Tarahumara. Thus I had made the acquaintance of the director of this school, who was also in charge of discipline throughout the Tarahumara territory, and who had under him a division of cavalry. Although no steps had yet been taken in the matter, I knew that the official intention was to prohibit the next Peyote celebration, which was to ta

ke place in a few days. In addition to the

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like our Christmas, the Tarahumara also have a numb
e r of special Rites base
d on Peyote. And they had consented to show me one
o f these. In the religion of the Tarahumara there are o ther
h olidays, just as here we have Easter, the Feast of the Asc
ensio n, the Feast of the Assumptio meters
n, a nd the Feast of the Immacul
ate Conception, but
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they do not all involv
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e Pe yote, and the Great Feast of Ciguri takes place, I beli
ev e, only once a year. It is then that it is ta ken a
ccord ing to all the age-ol d traditional rites.
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to say that it was taken, because the Mex

ican government is doing everything in its power to take Peyo