Reusable Blast Test Fixture
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Reusable Blast Test Fixture

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orne IED attacks. This course is intended to meet those needs and deals specifically with immediate decisions and actions in face to face encounters of person-borne and vehicle-borne IED attacks. - top Target Audience Law enforcement officers assigned to patrol duties, their immediate supervisors, and administrators. - top Prerequisites General Prerequisites - Participants must have completed basic law enforcement training and, where applicable, on-the-job training under the supervision of a departmental training officer. Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities - The following apply to all personnel attending this course: Demonstrated successful performance as a patrol officer in a U.S. state or local law enforcement agency. Sufficient tenure remaining in their current or future position to allow for the application of course material upon their return. Required Mat

erials/Facilities Classroom suitable for class size (two clas