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Computer Simulations

Computer Simulations

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) In the fall of 1944 soldiers started arriving at Trinity Site to prepare for the test. Marvin Davis and his military police Sgt. Marvin Davis with police horses Argo and Peergo at basecamp. unit arrived from Los Alamos at the site on Dec. 30, 1944. The unit set up security checkpoints around the area and had plans to use EMRTChorses to ride patrol. According to Davis the distances were too great so they resorted to jeeps and trucks for transportation. The horses were sometimes used for polo, however Davis said Capt. Howard Bush, base camp commander, somehow got the men real polo equipment to play with but they preferred brooms and a soccer ball. Other recreation at the site included volleyball and hunting. Davis said Capt.

Bush allowed the soldiers with experience to use the Army rifles to hunt deer and pronghorn. The meat was then cooked in the mess hall. Leftovers wenSPHt into soups which Davis said were excellent. Of course, some of the soldiers were fro

m cities and unfamiliar with being outdoors a lot. Davis sai