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ouched his arm before he could walk away. "Back when you and Johnny were young, I'd hoped he would go to college with you and Dale Jennings." "I guess it wasn't what he wanted." "What he needed was to be with friends who were steady and reliable and not so easily swayed by his shenanigans." Kerney smiled. "That's kind of you to say, but I don't think anyone could have held Johnny back when he was feeling his oats." "You're probably right," Bessie said, patting Kerney's hand. "Go tell Joe Jordan if he doesn't get over here soon, I'm going to Las Cruces without him." "Yes, ma'am." He stepped off toward Joe, who was busy watching the hands stretch out a two hundred- foot roll of wire. "Is the boss getting restless?" Joe asked, as he shook Kerney's hand and nodde

d toward his wife. "You could sa are used in many areas of industry including welding, agricultural and consumer products, demolition, compaction of soils, and mining. EMRTC created Explosives Camp to give high school students a heads up in career choices the explosives world has to offer. Throughout our week-long course, students will participate in lectures, demonstrations, and field trips. They will learn safety in the handling of explosives, perform experiments and see up close how explosives affect our everyday lives and how students can become a part of it.

y that," Kerney replied. "She's threatening to leave without you. When does Walt Shaw get back?" "Probably late evening. Why, do you need him for something?" "I was hoping to get a tour of the water conservation measures you've put in place on the ranch. Ira Dobson told me a bit about what you've done, and I'd

n after Julia takes over the ranch from yo Each day's activities begin with a lecture by a prominent instructor currently working in the explosives field. Proper safety and handling of the particular explosives being used are fully covered giving students the confidence needed to perform the afternoon's explosive tests. Field demonstrations are performed at EMRTC's 41-square mile field laboratory.

u?" Kerney asked. Jo Each student pays $1475 which includes one week of double occupancy room and board at NMTech, a gym pass, a student center pass, transportation to and from field trips and lots of NMTech swag like a t-shirt, cap, notebook and clipboard. A limited number of scholarships will be awarded. Student deposit checks should be made payable to New Mexico Tech. All checks will be held until May 15, 2011. Applicants not accepted will have their deposit returned. Accepted students need to have the balance of their tuition paid in full before June 1st, 2011. After June 1st, 2011 selected students who cancel will pay a 50% cancellation fee.

e looked a little surprised by Kerney's question. "She told you that? Well, I guess it's no secret. She pretty much has taken over already, but I like to Wd myself that I'm still the ramrod of the outfit. Walt will stay on. Otherwise Julia would have to give up her place in T

ucson, and she's not about to do that. She likes he

r city life too much to let go of it completely." "Would you mind if 1 took a look around on my own?" Kerney asked. "Not at all," Joe said. He paused to watch as the men cut a section of the wire fencing and began attaching it wi

When Will I Know If I Am Chosen?th brads to the post-and-beam corral. "Make yourself at home. Just reme

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