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, Matthews, "Weadle-Walve" and Capt. Gueary. A view of the east side of base camp. In the left foreground is the Dave McDonald ranch house, not to be confused with the George McDonald ranch where the bomb's core was assembled. Army on Jan. 26, 1945. He said he passed through four camps, took basic for two days and arrived at Trinity Site on Feb. 17. On arriving he was put in charge of what he called the "East Jesus and Socorro Light and Water Company." It was a one-man operation --himself. He was responsible for maintaining generators, wells, pumps and doing the power-line work. A friend of Rudder's, Loren Bourg, had a similar experience. He was a fireman in civilian life and ended up trained as a fireman for the Army. He worked as the station sergeant at Los

Alamos before being sent to Trinity Site inApril1945. In a letter Bourg said, "I was sent down here to take over the fire prevention and fire department. Upon arrival I found I was the fire department, period." As the soldiers at Trinity Site settled in they became familiar with Socorro. They tried to use the water out of the ranch wells but found it so alkaline they couldn't drink it. In fact, they used Navy saltwater soap for bathing. They hauled drinking water from the fire house in Socorro. Gasoline According to Raemer Schreiber, Robert Bacher

How Can I Be Selected? was the advisor and Marshall Holloway and Philip Morrison had overall responsibility. Louis Slotin, Boyce McDaniel and Cyril Smith were responsible for the mechanical assembly in the ranch house. Later Holloway was responsible for the mechanical assembly at the tower. In the afternoon of t

ace. Once the assembly was complete many of the men took a welcome relief and went swimming in the water tank east of the McDonald ranch house. The next morning the entire bomb was raised to the top of the 100-foot steel tower and placed in a small shelter. A crew then attached all the detonators and by 5 p.m. it was complete. The 1 00-foot steel tower at ground zero. At the top is a

small shelter to protect the bomb during final assembly. The bomb was not dropped from the tower but was stationary at detonation. The tower was vaporized in the blast. (The test) Three observation points were established at 10,000 yards from ground zero. None of the manned bunkers are left. These were wooden shelters protected by concrete and earth. The south bunker served as the control center for the test. The automatic firing device was triggered from there as key men such as Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, head of Los Alamos, watched. Many scientists and support personnel, including Maj. Gen. Leslie Groves, head of the Manhatt

an Project, watched the explosion from base camp which was ten miles southwest of ground zero. All the buildings at base camp were removed after the test. Most vi A full list of rules and regulations for selected students will be given to the students and their parent/guardian.

siting VIPs, like Edward Teller, watched from Compa

nia Hill, 20 miles northwest of ground zero. The test was scheduled for 4 a.m. July 16, but rain and lightning early that morning caused it to be postponed. The device could not be exploded under rainy conditions because rain an

d winds would increase the danger from radioactive fallout and interfere with observation of the test.

At 4:45 a.m. the cNew Mexico Techrucial weather report came