Dr. Meason - EMRTC Director
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Dr. Meason - EMRTC Director

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ber with adjacent flash X-ray and an optical and electronic recording lab. The facility can accommodate explosive charges of up to 5 kilograms. Little Eagle is fully instrumented with a Beckman/Whitley 189 framing camera, a streak camera, a three-channe

l 300 kV flash X-ray unit, and eight channels of analog-digital/digital-analog controllers. Countermine Test Site (CTS) Facility The Countermine Test Site was developed to test and evaluate technologies for the detection and destruction of anti tank and anti personnel mines. The site consists of support facilities and 100 and 200 meter oval flat tracks. Inert or live mines can be located on the tracks. Remotely operated robotic detection/destruction devices can be used for operations involving live mines. Gun Ranges and Systems All gun ranges have orthogonal flash X-ray capability for muzzle X-ray diagnostics. Instrumentation includes a digitized weather monitoring system, Doppler radar, AVL ballistic computer systems, pressure-time transducers, sky screens, accelerometers, strain gauges, thermocouples, and pressure gauges. Photographic equipment includes high-speed cameras (10,000 f/s), image motion compensation (IMC) photography (high-speed

16 mm and 35 mm formats), and full-range video capability. The ranges are computer-equipped for data compilation/correlation. Four fixed temperature conditioning units are available for conditioning cartridges from -46 degrees centigrade to +63 degrees centigrade. One of EMRTC's significant strengths is its existing inventory of gun systems and its ability to modify these systems to meet experimental ballistic requirements. Various standard US Army and US Navy gun systems from a 5.56 NATO to an 8 inch howitzer are located on site. EMRTChas also designed and modified a large range of gun systems that are used to fire specialized and prototype projectiles and fragments at more than 2 km/s (6,500 f/s). Gun Ranges 3000 meter gun range 1200 meter gun range 1000 meter gun range Gun Systems Two-stage light gas gun Single-stage light gas gun Large-Scale Facilities EMRTC has several Large-Scale facilities that allow our clients the flexibility to conduct tests on larger scales in a safe and controlled manner. Click on any of

Dr. Meason, a native of Lubbock, Texas, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and physics at West Texas A&M University and continued his studies at the University of Arkansas, earning a Master of Science degree in nuclear chemistry and a Ph.D. in nuclear physics and chemistry. He was awarded the Fulbright Fellowship for Lecturing and Research, University of Hacettepe, Ankara, Turkey.

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