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IRTB and PRSBI Continuing Education Credit Information.

M. Western star Tom Mix and

the Selig Polyscope Comp

any soon followed Fielding to Las Vegas, where they produced 25 films - all directed by the star, Tom Mix. New Mexico's star continued to rise in the ensuing decades with a number of luminaries who were drawn to the state's clarity of light and palette of colorful and unique landscapes. Between


0 and 1951 such notable
s as King Vidor, Willia

m Wellman, Henry Hat

haway, Elia Kazan, Robert Wise and Billy Wilder shot on location here. Since the inception of the New Mexico Film Commission, now known as the New Mexico Film Office, a concerted effort has been made to promote and facilitate location production in our state. Within the last d


e more than 100 feature
s have shot on location

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along with countless smaller-scale productions (commercials, music videos, documentaries, etc.), creating an economic impact of one billion dollars in the Land of Enchantment. New M

exico Magazine, in col laboration with the N

ew Mexico Film Offi
EMRTC at New Mexico Tech
ce of the Depar
tment of Economic

Development, pro

udly presents 100 Years of Filmmaking in New Mexico. The chap
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ters provide a glimpse into the silent era, the Western and the

birth of the first state-supported film office, prime

shooting locations statewide, science fiction, independent filmmaking, historic vintage movie houses, evolving film technology, interviews with filmmakers who chose to come to New Mexico an

d a tribute to Greer Garson, New Me/EMRTCxico's Grande Dame o