West Valley Facility
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West Valley Facility

West Valley Pad

s realm appears as a young girl in the spirit house of the animals reached through dreams or drug-induced visions. But "at other times, what may appear to be a pig in This realm is actually a spirit that has taken on a pig form in order to bring harm to the hunter."" Thus there would seem to be in this world of seeming a deeply puzzling capacity for copying and hence deception in which the "original" and

the "copy" fight it out for ontological preeminence-for a claim to power over the perceptual fidelity, epistemic certainty, and very life of humans. And this is why there have to be "seers." This is why there have to be healers, persons capable of judging appearance, able to distinguish the different forms of doubling. Even so, such discernment is insufficient. "Seeing" is only part of the story. For the healer's power depends, in its turn, on doubling also! The healer's capacity to diagnose and cure, to restore souls (read double, read image) depends on out-doublin

g doubling. Through his wooden figurines activated by his cha