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e religion of the Tara

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Contact:here are other holidays
, just as here we have Easter, the Feast
of the Ascension,

the Feast of the Assumption, and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, but they do not all involve Peyote, and the Great Feast of Ciguri takes place, I believe, only once a year. It is then that it is taken according to all the age-old traditional rites. Peyote is

also taken on the other holidays but only as an occasional adjuvant and with no attention to graduating its for, and DoDce or effects. When I say that Peyote is taken I ought rather to say that it was taken, because the Mexican government is doing everything in its power to take Peyote away from the Tarahumara and to prevent their coming under its influence, and soldiers sent by the government into the mountains have received orders to prevent its cultivation. On my arrival in the mountains I found the Tarahumara desperate because of

the recent destruction of a field of Peyote by the soldiers of Mexico C

ides them. "But to drink C

mara, God disappears immediately when one has taken too much and in his place it is the Evil Spirit who comes." 'Tomorrow evening you will make the acquaintance of a family of Priests of Ciguri," said the director of the native school. 'Tell them what you just told me and I am sure that this time again and perhaps more than the last few times we shall succeed in keeping the absorption of Peyote within bounds. Tell them also that this Feast will be

authorized and that we will do everything in our power to make the gathering possible and that to this end we shall I provide them with whatever horses and supplies they may need." I in the late afternoon of the next day I arrived at the li

ttle Indian village where I had been told that the Rite of Pe