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eper the very same old trails in the soft rock, which had been worn down by thousands of moccasined feet for countless generations. Before they left items that they must have destroyed almost everything they possessed. Fire was set to the roof of their large kiv

a. This was the end of the Tyuonyi. Hidden Valley had witnessed its last great occupation. It had been occupied by Indians for six centuriesÑIndians who had lived, raised corn and beans and squash and pumpkins, and who had fought and died. The occupation of Frijoles possibly was tottering at the time the Espejo expedition came up the Rio Grande Valley in February of the year 1583. A few stragglers could have still been hereÑwho knows? But certainly by the close of the century Tyuonyi was a thing of the past. The roofs to the

houses were falling inÑtubers were rotting and cracking under the trem

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anyons and on mesa tops and plowing to the banks, of the Rio Grande where they built the pueblo of San Ildefonso. These Indians built the pueblo with rows of houses two and three stories high and built their kivas on top of the ground instead of below the ground as they had done in their former homes. After Onate had been removed from office as Governor: of New Mexico, the Viceroy appointed Don Pedro de Peralta and the capital was move

d from San Gabriel to Santa Fe in 1610. Governors changed. Each made new laws. Indians were used as slaves. They produced goods for the Spanish. Children went to school and all went to church. They took on ChristianityÑyes, but they reta

ined their old beliefs and old for/ms of worship. Roman Cath