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obe or concrete house adds seven millirems of
exposure every y

ear compared to living in a frame house. Finally, flying coast to coast by jet gives an exposure of about two millirems. One source of radiation exposure not considered in old calculations is from radon gas. Scientists now estimate that Americans average 200 millirems of exposure per year from ra

don. Trinitite, the green gla

ssy substance found in the ground zero area, contains several radioactive elements and is an alpha and beta particle emitter. Although radiation levels at ground zero are low, some feel any extra exposure should be avoided. The decision is yours. Typical radiation exposures per year for U.S. c

itizens according to the America

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hart below. * One hour at Trinity Site ground zero = one half mrem * Cosmic rays from space = 47 mrem at Denver, 28 mrem at St. Louis * Radioactive minerals in rocks and soil = 63 mrems on Colorado Plateau * Radioactivity from air, water a

nd food =

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We Laminate.st X-ray = six mrem and a CAT Scan = 110 mrem * Watching television= less than one mrem per year * Wearing a plutonium-powered pacemaker = 100 m

rem * C Print and film. From simple photo scanning to large 11" x 17" scans, we scan it, retouch it and burn it to CD or DVD.

oast to coast commercial flight = two mrem Trinity Site National Historic Landmark Trinity Site is where the first atomic bomb was tested at 5:29:45 a.m. Mountain WarTime on July 16, 1945. The 19-kiloton explosion not only led to a quick end to the war in the Pacific but also ushered the world into the atomic age. All life on Earth has been touched by the event, which took place here. The 51 ,

500-acre area was declared a national historic landmark in 1975. The landmark includes base camp, where the scientists and support group lived; ground

zero, where the bomb was placed for the explosion; and the Schmidt/McDonald ranch house, where the plutonium core to the bomb was assembled. Visitors to a Trinity Site Open House see ground zero and the ranch house. In addition, one of the old instrumentation bunkers is visible beside the road just west of ground zero. (The Manhattan Project) The story of Trinity Site begins with the formation of the Manhattan Proj

ect in June 1942. The project was given overall responsibility for designing an

d building an atomic bomb. At the tim

e it was a race to beat the Germans who, according to intell